Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dallas Child Photographer | {Emma} Two

Let me start out this post with explaining that I had never driven through downtown Dallas on my own yet. Boy. was that. fun. At this time I will reference a conversation one teen had with my husband not too long ago:

       Teen - "Bro. Tyler, is Miss Tori a bad driver?"
       The hubs - "I wouldn't say that. I'd say that she's more of a distracted driver"

Bound and determined to make it from the small town of Burleson to the Dallas Arboretum on time, I decided not to ask for help. Instead, I relied on the trusty Google map on my iPhone :) (<--extra smile tucked in there for ya).

Everything was going well until...I came to my first mixmaster in the Dallas area. There I was with my arm extended, eyes squinting to see the phone screen in front of my face. I thought I was going the right direction when the blinking blue dot began to veer off of the prescribed path.

"Ahhh! Oh no. No-no-no-no-no-no-no! Stink!"

Long story short, I turned around got back on 30West and arrived at my destination at the exact same time as my client! Save.

We had such a lovely time, Emma and I. She's such a happy, little camper! I can't tell you how busy she kept me! I was running and crouching, pausing and applauding...We had fun. Lot's of fun :) We also found out that the City of Dallas has a lovely ordinance forbidding the changing of clothes inside the arboretum. So, because we didn't have all the wardrobe changes that any sugar pie would need, I'll be showing up at her off-the-chain birthday party in May! There WILL be tu-tu's and dresses and cuteness galore!!! Yay, I can't wait! (can you tell? exclamation point, exclamation point, exclamation point...)

But until then, these captures must suffice.
The bubbles were more fun to eat than play with ;)
Emma's Momma, Erica, is just gorgeous
Thanks for the memories, Emma!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Fort Worth Baby Photographer | {Skylar} Halfsies

What a whirlwind of a week this has been! We started off with three shoots, rescheduled one for 2 weeks from now because of wind and sickness. And ended up having only 2. Was I let down? No...Almost relieved. Going out of town next week and I barely got all of our clothes washed and folded so they could be thrown into a suitcase. My sister-in-law came into town too! So we spent time with her in between doing laundry, battling migraines and Will's naps.

But enough about me...Let's talk about Skylar. What. a. doll. I don't know if you remember her birth or her newborn's but I do. And again, I say, rejoice...erm- I mean, what. a. doll. :)

She's really just a sweetheart. Never sad. Very bouncy. LOVES to be outside and loves the camera (pretty sure my camera loved her back). Months have taken wings and flown right by, it's April and Skylar is 6 months old!!

Now get your pinchers all ready 'cause you're def gonna want to grab this little chub's cheeks right through your computer screen. All I gotta say is, I'm glad my compy isn't 3D because I'm sure I'd be giving her a kiss right about now :)
Thanks for the memories, Skylar!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Fort Worth Family Photographer| {Arney Family} Extended

About a year ago, a young girl visited our youth group. Her name was Lauren. I talked to her a little and tried to get to her as much as I could before heading to the church nursery to pick up my son. I'll never forget asking her questions and her responding with more than a head nod and/or grunt and that totally shocked me. She told me a little bit about herself, her family, why they were visiting...blah, blah, blah...I left amazed by her lackof nervousness in a new place with no one she knew.

Well, it wasn't long and Lauren and her family moved into town (my town to be exact, she lives like, a few blocks away) and started attending our church regularly. She lives here with her mom and dad. Her sisters and brother live on the east coast (she's the baby). Well, recently the whole fam came to visit. And by the whole fam, I mean, Grandma, sisters, one sister's boyfriend, niece, brother-in-law, great aunt, ok. I think that's it. Anyway, Mom wanted a family session and you always want to keep momma happy :)

Soooo...we went downtown. To the stockyards...
These two have been dating for 3 years. You wouldn't know it. When I asked them to hold hands for the picture they got real uncomfortable with her dad watching...
She looks JUST LIKE her mom :)
what a little cutie...
Some of my favorite couple images everrrrr... :)
Thanks for the memories, Arney Family!!