Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A silly trio and how to hold your teacup...Costigan kids [mini session]

If there were a word to describe this little trio it would have to be, "silly".

These three sisters and brother did an amazing job during our mini session entertaining me, making me laugh, making me cry from laughing, making me chase a ball into creeks, not being able to get said ball out of the creek, giving me up close and personal grasshoppers-on-your-face-moments, and taking lessons on how to correctly hold your miniature teacups.

Costigan kids. you are. the bomb. dot com.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Twins, and a series of unforgettable events...Poledna [Arlington family session]

this is a session about a brother & sister named tiffany & jared.

they are cool. too cool. for school.

sometimes they love each other and other times tiffany laughs at jared and other times jared gives tiffany a noogie.

either way i am more than happy to have had them in front of my camera for this year's spring minis.

Your story is silly! & beautiful, Poledna family.
:) Tori

Monday, April 8, 2013

Sun patches, silly kids and the cutest bump this side of the border...Susan & Family | Arlington Maternity Session

I have this awesome obsession. It's not unhealthy so I foster it. I know, it sounds odd. But I really can't help myself.

I love babies.

Be it in the womb, or out. I just plain heart them.

Susan is a friend of mine from my church. She is sweet and kind, quick to lend a sympathetic ear and a knowing smile when you need it. She is quiet and calm and...well, my exact opposite. Not only that, she is downright. drop dead. go-geous. When she wrote to me asking about a session I was ecstatic. If all the reasons above weren't enough to make me giddy, here's another.

She's having a baby in 6 weeks.


Bump/Family session with a radiant beauty such as herself and her adorable little family? Loving Husband + cutie pie kiddos + Cutest, roundest, little bump ever + Lovely momma = pure heaven.

The park was full of families and runners...and wind. But mainly we focused on happy things like the Sunlight sparkling through the leaves of the trees that fell on the ground in patches of yellow beneath our feet. Or like the love that William and Susan so deeply shared for one another. And her cheery kiddos that burst with smiles and laughs at the drop of a hat.

Ya. It was a great kind of day :)

Susan, your story is beautiful and will continue to be...Can't wait to meet your little boy!