Monday, June 9, 2014

what family is all about...taylor | family

Such bright and sunshiney love should never be kept hidden. It should always be displayed, encouraged, called out. And that's the exact kind of happiness this sweet family exudes. And I am absolutely honored to share it.

The Taylor's had me to their home about a year ago to photograph their newest arrival, baby David and we had the most wonderful time together that we possibly could. I mean, I snuggled the little guy and ate pizza and chuckled at the kids. What more could a girl ask for? This year we took a walk with each other and giggled and mostly chased their silly little toddler brother all around the place!! He's seriously too fast and furious.

But midst the cheery laughter and running to catch up with the crazy, blue-eyed, boy, I saw such a peace and a contentment in this family's eyes, which I'll never forget. They knew where they were in life and were fully present. Days may be easy as cake or difficult as ever, fully of life and energy or running on empty, but they were really t h e r e with their kids. Learning alongside them, laughing at their jokes and keeping afloat with their ever growing and changing family dynamics.

I want that. I'm getting there. Good thing I'm not alone. Thankful for people who remind me what family is all about.

Our shoot wasn't complete without the anual shot of Katie and her two good friends.
Your story is bright and bold and encouraging, Taylor family.
:) Tori

an hour of fuzzy feelings and warmth down deep in our bones...costigan | family

I have said a million times, and I will say it once again. My clients are the most wonderful people I've ever met. They come to me and privilege me with the opportunity of making their memories a lasting thing. We join forces and laugh and giggle. They allow me to dream and their children to play and learn and enjoy life and we end up with an hour of fuzzy feelings and warmth down deep in our bones, a bucketful of laughter and a handful of photographs that hopefully will be passed from one generation to the next.

So thankful for my clients who dare to dream and allow our creative juices to flow freely and beautifully and become so much more than even a memory, but a moment in history changed for the good.

Your story make my heart skip a beat, Costigans.
:) Tori