Saturday, July 30, 2011

Fort Worth Child Photographer| {Emma} 3 Years

She loves this little girl as if she was her own. She's not. Emma is her neice. And she really felt that Emma deserved a session of her own.

You see, I was invited to shoot the birthday party : ) (*Squeal* I love brithday parties!) Except I wasn't available the day it was scheduled. sadness. Soooo we opted for a fun photoshoot beginning at a ice cream shoppe, stopping off at a local park and ending at a preciously pink wall with her in her princess dress.

It was Aunt Diana, Uncle Dan and OH WAIT, her gorgeous cousin, Mellanie (who just so happens to share a birthdate with her!) : ) So that's one spoils-her-rotten + one loves-her-to-bunches + one cousin-who's-extremely-baffled-by-what-this-kid-gets-away-with = lots of laughs and insanely adorable images to go along with this cutie pie princess face.

Please just see for yourself...

Thanks for the memories, Emma!
: )Tori

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Crowley Child Photographer |{Emma} 6 months

This little sundrop's mommy contacted me about 2 months ago asking if I could reserve a spot for her lovey as soon as she was able to sit by herself without toppling over. I quickly obliged because I had seen these six months prior on Elisabeth Carol's blog.

{Emma} is quite a sweetheart. And her sister Avery is a firecracker. Put them together and what do ya got? Something like Strawberry flavored Pop Rocks :) I think...

But please, I just keep going on and on and I really just need to let you see them. They will definitely speak for their cute little selves.

Thanks for the memories, Emma & Avery!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Grapevine Family Photographer| {Claney Family} Together

I met these two gems at a sweet little girl's birthday party. "What are their names?" I asked mom. "This is Will and this is Jack," came her smiling reply.


I love twins. Always have, always will. In fact, when I was a little girl, I used to pray that God would give me twins. I'm hoping He looked ahead into the future at those times and saw where I retracted that statement. I just don't know that I am that awesome.

Back to our story. A few weeks after meeting Will and Jack, their mommy sent me a genuine email requesting some family fun with bare feets. (I make up words.) I obliged and we got together a week and a half ago on the cliffs of Rockledge Park in Grapevine, TX.

The salty air whipped through the park and played with our hair. The adorable family put their backs to the Sun and giggled and tickled and made sweet memories while I snapped. We talked about twins and the teamwork it takes. She shared how much she loved her husband for being such a great teammate and friend. There was such true love in her words.

At the end of our session we headed over to a little playground and let the boys let out a little more energy before the long trip home. Petty soon it was over. We said goodbyes and waved. And the Claney family was gone. But they won't soon be gone from my memory.

These two below kinda get me, right. here. *pounds fist on chest
Thanks for the memories, Claney Family!
:) Tori