Tuesday, December 17, 2013

change is good | it's personal

Life happens, time changes things, mostly it changes you. You might fall in love, get a job, have goals, enjoy hobbies. You are blessed with children, life changes, you change with it, you move forward. Your desire to create things that are tangible and meaningful never changes but the means by which you do so sometimes does.

I'm turning 30 this Spring. In the last thirty years, my desire to make beautiful things, and create with my hands has only grown. I used to sit down at a desk, outside on my back porch as a teenager, and dip my paintbrush onto my canvas and create for hours, only to come in for dinner and bed. I would sketch during school, write letters, poems, songs. Then I grew up. Now I dip pine cones in white paint with my children, clean green marker off of dresser drawers, scrub crayon out of grout. Now I'm raising artists.

And these artists need their mama.

For this reason, Adele Photography has decided not to change itself but to pace itself. I still want to thrill in the birth of your new babe, laugh with you and your children while you tickle each other in an open field, have tea parties and picnics and fly kites while the sun sets! I want to photograph you as you nurture the baby in your womb and announce it to the World. To do these things and to keep the reigns on my little artists, I must pace myself.

  • I will be accepting clients just as I always have, but will only have limited spots available each month. When they fill and I'm not able to squeeze you in, it will break my heart. But I must do it for my little ones.
    Book at least a month maybe two in advance. When you email me about next week, the answer will most likely be that I am booked. Believe me, that I am sad about this but it must be if joy is to stay in our home.
  • I will be adding prints to my current packages!!! These 4x6 prints will be chosen by me and will be included in your package with your disc. So many times I serve families that love and give and go go go! Like me, all too often those memories remain tucked away on a little cd or flash in a back corner of mom's dresser drawer.
    These will be included in your package so that you can have beautiful quality prints to stick on your fridge, mail to Grammy and Auntie Lou, send to work with the one you love. And that makes my heart so happy just thinking about it. :)
  • I will be serving the following areas excitedly from here on out: Maternity, Birth, Newborns, Families and In The Home.
    Making time for my family means honing my craft. While I enjoy doing event photography, high school senior photography and the occasional wedding, these are areas I must cut down on in order to do the type of work I feel I am adapt at and giving my absolute best to my customers.
  • I am offering something *new* called, In The Home, in addition to my other services because I believe that some of the most beautiful and most memorable moments happen when you are at home, having fun and not worried about dressing, hair bows, gas in the tank, traffic. Ya know, the moments when the kids are eating cereal for lunch and they start playing toesies under the table. Or when the dog comes in and your little guy decides he wants to dress him up as his deputy. These are the moments that will live in our hearts forever. They are the most important and yet most often neglected.
    An In The Home session is a relaxed, fun-filled, normal day, where you're free to lounge in your pj's and have pillow fights on the bed, get dressed and go for a walk with the dog, build a fort in the living room and watch a movie, have a tea party dressed like a king or queen with your princess, making an after-nap dessert...the list can go on and on to be as beautiful, bold, or restful as you make it. You dream it, we do it. No stress. It's not allowed
    ;) You tell your story, I'll journal.
There you have it!! Lots of changes. Good changes. Fun changes. Hope to hear from you soon!

Monday, December 2, 2013

sunshine in their smiles...Reasoner | family

Dear Reasoner Family,

You are adorable. You are fun. You are beautiful inside and out. You love freely, and speak kindly.
You have strapping young men and one absolutely lovely Mama. There is so much sunshine in your smiles I can hardly stand it.

Thanks so much for allowing me to capture who you are today, right now, this moment. May you always look back and see what I saw this day.

So much joy. So much.