Monday, July 30, 2012

Dallas Event Photographer| {Scarlett} second birthday

Only my 3rd birthday party to photograph, but boy, was it EPIC.

Scarlett's mom called me after her friend told her of my skillz. Her friend was NOT a past client of mine but a friend of a past client. And this is where I quote Mark Twain, *Ahem...
"I can live for two months on a good compliment."
So if you ever doubted the power of positive feedback...Anywho. Many thanks to Emma's momma ;)

Can you say, "rabbit-trail much"?

This party was seriously off-the-chain. Complete with a little monkey, named Miki (pronounced, Mikey) and a sweet clown, named Posie. The magic, balloons, and little white bunny were a huge hit. So fun! Scarlett and her little friends wandered around the house for hours eating, playing circus-y games, popping balloons, snacking, winning prizes, blowing out birthday candles, eating... All the while, surrounded by the most elaborate decorations and sweet smelling cupcakes.

I could go on forever. But I won't. You can see for yourself :)

Happy Birthday, sweet Scarlett!!! Thanks for the memories!
:) Tori

Friday, July 6, 2012

the most important things... {personal}

Things have been a little slow around here and honestly, that's ok. I was a little sad when I came back from maternity leave and people didn't jump all over me for sessions, but then I remember a little prayer I prayed when I first started my business.
"Dear Lord, help me to do what You want me to do, how You would want me to do it, and only as much as I can handle." 
I'm pretty sure He knows that better than I do...

So, I'm moving ahead with my life and photographing the most important things... superhero's in my backyard.

There goes that superhero, schmoozin' the crowd by kissin' babies...

Thanks for the memories, sweet boy.
:) Momma