philosophy and whatnot

Have you ever picked up a photograph and it brought to remembrance a moment that you had nearly forgotten?

I remember, plain as day, sitting in my grandmothers living room shuffling through an drawer full of old photographs. The musty scent smelled like roses to me. I still love that smell. Pulling out pictures like they were pearls from a treasure chest. Sorting through each one by one. Trying to identify it's subjects. I think I must've done this every time I visited her. It never got old.

I can also remember getting some kind of camera almost every year as a Christmas present from ages 12-19. Sure, I was a bit rough on the little guys...tough love. Then there were 'disposables' which became really popular in my life in between my digital loves.

My college days were over, my marriage fresh and a brand new baby fresher, I felt the need for something bigger. Better. More sophisticated? Capable even? I begged for something new. A digital SLR. More about that story here. Moving on...I discovered something. Time flies and memories fade. My camera became the thing that kept time from moving so fast, kept my memories from completely fading away.

I look over my son's newborn images and remember smells, sounds, feelings. My wedding images remind me of joy, nervousness, concreteness. We are created beings with senses that can be awakened by the smallest things. Images do that to me. I need them to help me remember. Don't you?

Don't miss out on the memories. Because it's amazing what a picture can do! It can take you to a different time and place and can be used as a great tool to preserve the most special memories in life...

Please, don't miss out on the memories.