a bit about me

I've always thought that "about me" pages were quite possibly the hardest things to create.
You sit down and try to think of all the pertinent information you may have about yourself - did I just say "pertinent"? ok. then concisely throw it all on this page hoping to make sense. Although, I rarely make much sense. Go ahead ask my husband. Or my son. Ok, don't do that. My son doesn't make much sense either.

Basically, I love art. I always have. Ever since high school, I've had my hand in something. Painting, drawing, designing...Right before my son was born I started begging for a camera. I got one. I worked hard at learning how to use it and after about a year, I realized that I loved the camera and wanted to make it part of my artistic package. So after shooting manually for awhile I started taking work, slowly building my portfolio and just having fun.

I have been shooting for three years and enjoy it immensely. I feel like this passion has become an outlet for my creative side as well as an awesome way to document my life with my little ones (Will is 4yrs old and Anna is 2yrs). 

Natural light is my friend. We're like BFF's without the necklaces. I only use a flash when I have no choice because of low-lit conditions. It's just how I like it. I also really love a lifestyle-photojournalistic feel. Not so much posed as some. If you like studio, lift-your-chin-place-your-hand-here kind of stuff, I'm probably not the photog for you. And that's ok with me. Everybody's different and that's what makes the World go 'round. Yippity skippity dippity dip. Hugs, studio friends!

I mentioned my kids earlier. I love them and my husband so much, sometimes I think my heart's gonna explode when I think about them. And Jesus. He changed my life completely. I'm everything I am because of Him and thankfully not what I would be without Him...Because of my love for Jesus Christ and my family, my photography comes after them. I shoot during the week a few days and weekends but not on Sunday. That day is reserved completely for my family and ministry at my local church. I promised myself and my family that they would be more important than my sessions. Because of that, I only book a certain amount of sessions a month. I am usually booked about a month out sometimes two, so contact me early to reserve your spot.

I love Coke. I love puppies. I love Instagram. And everything else was covered in chapter 1. Have a great day. Hope we talk soon. I think we'd have fun, me and you ;)