Saturday, August 24, 2013

two beautiful princesses, a pretty bike, and a few fun frames...[Kepple | family]

A long time ago, in a land far far away, was a beautiful little princess named Emma. Emma was turning two and had the most beautiful party prepared for her celebration. I met this sweet princess and documented that lovely day. Then Emma grew up and became a big sister to another stunning beauty named Elyse. There family was so happy and perfectly complete. Little Elyse and Emma had an idea that they would come make some fun memories and that I could take some fun frames of their little life together.

And so we did.

And nifty-gilifty, was it fun :)
I can wait to document your beautiful story some more, Kepple family!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

on being held, lent courage, and the grand reward...[baby Hosaka] born at home

At precisely 12:57am on Friday of August 9th, I received a call from Kristen's husband.

"Hello, Tori?"
"I think Kristen is ready for you now."
"Ok, great. I'm on my way"

I stumbled into my living room and began to change out batteries and pack up my lenses. Back to the bedroom to get out of my pajamas. Back to the kitchen to get a snack. Back to the bedroom to kiss Tyler goodbye (read, "scare Tyler to death") and let him know what's going on. Out the door with everything, or so I thought. Headed to Walgreens for batteries for my flash. Back to my house because I left the flash (read, "scared Tyler to death a second time").

Dr. Kristen Hosaka of Turning Point Wellness Center in Burleson, TX (aka, my chiropractor) had been having podromal labor for a few weeks, or a few months, what have you. So since she had been having contractions on and off, I wasn't completely, 100%, have-your-gear-by-the-door ready. Still, I was at her house within twenty minutes. Glad I checked the address again because I almost knocked on someone else's door at 1:20am. WHEW!

I walked in after a light tap on the door and was greeted by their 2 boys, Max and Josh. The gentlemen led me to her bedroom where I began to witness one of the fastest labors I had been privileged to capture.

Kristen was in the pool, her daughter by her side, her step-daughter on her bed along with Kristen's mom, Jason (her husband) at her back and her midwives by her side.

These contractions were no joke and had been increasing in frequency, duration, intensity...when I came in her moaning seemed to be growing louder, fuller. Her husband stayed by her ear and offered his reassuring, silent strength. Ally, her daughter never left her side, held her hand, and lent whatever courage she had to give.

Together with her incredible support system, Kristen pushed into her birth, felt the time had come, and baby Madison was sweetly born into the water and slowly brought to her arms. Such intense effort and the grand reward lay there on her chest.  There was gorgeous surprise baby girl smiling up at Mama and everyone in the room was joyous to hear her first sounds and see baby's little face.

So glad to have been there to witness the dedication and work of another mama confident in the ability God gave her body to birth. Such beautiful strength.
Your story is just at the start, baby Maddie <3