Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fort Worth Birth Photographer |{Colleen} Brand New

"Are you sure, Andrea?" I asked.
"Ya. Thanks for offering. I just don't think we are going to do it this time," She replied.
"That's fine, I totally understand," I said.

She was really wanting photos directly after her sweet baby's birth but decided not to a few weeks ago.

Her water broke at 6:30 on Sunday evening. She kept calm and walked around the house as things picked up. Within the next two hours she got things ready to leave. Nubun was getting worried. He kept begging her to get in the car and head to the birth center. She kept saying she was fine.

By 9:30pm they were at the center and Colleen was born only minutes after arriving. Andrea climbed into the birth pool and sweet Colleen made her quick entrance into this world.

Shortly thereafter, I got a call. It was Andrea's hubs, Nubun.

"Tori, could you come take some pictures of the baby?"

They had changed their minds about the pictures. So I didn't waste any time getting up to the center to grab a few.

I'm so excited that I got to be one of the first one's to see this beauty. And I had some time to watch my own birth team at work! I'll be having our little one at the same center in February with the same exact midwife, Ann Crowell!

But enough about me, here's the real star of the show. Hope you enjoy :)

Thanks for the memories, sugar baby Colleen!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Fort Worth Family Photographer| {Almendarez} Family

You may or may not remember this post (from last year) welcoming sweet Skylar into the World. Or this one while at her home in the backyard...OR this blog post with her 6 month session.

But she has become one of my favorite little girls to photograph. "Why?" you may ask. Well, for one, she's absolutely hilarious. Two, she has a silly little attitude. And three is definitely one of the most rough and tumble chicks I know.

Her family is pretty cute, too.

Mom and Dad contacted me about her 'One Year' session and decided they wanted to make it a family session too! I obliged. Of course.

Have a look...if you dare ;)

Thanks for the memories, Almendarez Family!
:) Tori

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fort Worth Family Photographer|{Knickerbockers} Family

Our parents were close friends and lived nearby when we were toddlers. We would often play together as kids...then we grew up, moved away and didn't really ever think about it anymore. Until I got to college. "Joshua? Wow. That's crazy. We're at the same college!"

Then I met Heather. She was serious about school. Very excited to be there and all in all one of the kindest people I had met since arriving as a freshman in my first month of school.

They met a little later. Dated. Married. Moved away. Now they're in Texas! I can honestly say, what a blessing they both have been. Heather has since become a dear friend. We both enjoy daydreaming of coffee dates while we sit at home with our hilarious children, we love bags and jewelry almost as much as we love our hubsters, and we attend the same church and are so happy to have some of the most wonderful relationships with the ladies there. 

Awhile back we discussed getting together to have family pictures taken. She was so ecstatic (as she couldn't remember when the last time they had them done)! So we set a date and met that night.

And then the most massive storm blew in and cut our shoot short. stink it.

And I apologized profusely (like I could've done something about it). 

And we made the best of our 25 minutes of shooting time *cue running around, snapping with what little bit of light we had eeking away into oblivion

I have to say that although that was the shortest session in the history of adele photography, it was also loving and sweet and adorable...Annnnnnd ominous. I so wish I had taken a snapshot of the sky.

Enjoy a few from our fun yet short-lived family session :)

Thanks for the memories, Knickerbocker Fam!
:) Tori

Friday, October 14, 2011

Jupiter Island Child Photographer|{Drew & Ben} Brothers

These little boys are so incredibly special. And I firmly believe that it's because their mom is such an incredible person.

They say things like, "Mom, I'm 4, but I'll always be your baby." And that's just another precious sign of their adoration for her.

Their mom loves them, prays over them, weeps for them, shows them the love of Christ, and continually strives to show Him to them through the way she lives her life. She is a wonderful wife, a lovely lady, a beautiful mom, a radiant Christian, a bible-study holder, a prayer warrior.

And although this post is not about her...it is. Because when you look at her boys and the love and laughter in their eyes you see her. When you hear the giggles and the silly sayings, you hear her. When they tackle each other and play games you feel her.

She is a mom. And these are her two precious ones.

Thank you, Carrie, for the gift of letting me capture their sweet spirits through my lens. Always a pleasure.

Thanks for the memories, boys.
:) Tori