Thursday, November 24, 2011

Fort Worth Family Photographer |{Collins Family} Together

Sweet Samson is most definitely one of the sweetest little baby boy's to ever grace your vision. His cute little bald head and big warm eyes demand your attention immediately.

His mommy, Amanda, asked me to come and shoot his 6 month pictures. So we met on the base where they live and basically had a good ol' time.

This boy will break your heart...just sayin'.

Thanks for the memories, beautiful Collins Family!
:) Tori

Monday, November 21, 2011

Fort Worth Family Photography| {Campbell} Family

When I think of a fun family shoot I don't think of perfect little cupcake children who follow every wish and whim I have. Although that would make it rather easy on me it just wouldn't be real. And everyone wants something real. All of this cloning and posey-posey and cut and paste stuff might be for some other photographer but not me. Give me real kids who like to have real fun and be real cute.

And that's just what the Campbell girls did.

Dear Avery is turning three and Sweet Emma is turning one and their parents are going insane. Just kidding. They are definitely the parents for these two :) They love and laugh with their kids but still set limits without making them hate the photographer. Thanks for that.

Please have as much fun checking these four out as I did snapping them that day.

Thanks for the fun memories, Campbell Family!
:) Tori

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Fort Worth Portrait Photography| {Lauren} Senior

This girl kills me. Really.

Cocky. Confident. And one of the most intriguing people I've ever meet.

I love her.

Lauren came to our youth department about two years ago from Yuma, AZ and let's just say that her easy going personality, sarcasm and quick whit helped her to find friends (Gabi and Elizabeth) pretty fast. She's not too fussy, and has a "I'm going to kill-you-dead" that would scare a Sasquatch. Good thing I'm not a Sasquatch. She also has a cool dog named "Gunny" and likes stray cats???

I was privileged enough to work with her whole family back in April while they were here in the area for a visit. We had an awesome time. Her parents are hard-working generous people with hearts of gold... I'm not sure where they picked Lauren up. (I kid, I kid...sorta) ;)

She was one of my fave senior to ever photograph. I told her what to do and she did it, right away and very well, I might add :)

Here she is.

Entre stray cat...
I love her laugh...
gor. geous.
Thanks for the crazy memories, Lauren!
:) Miss Tori