Thursday, December 13, 2012

Crowley Portrait Photographer | {Elisabeth + Kevin} First Christmas

A few things about Elisabeth you should know:
1. She is one of the most incredible, up and coming young photographers in our area. In the World for that matter ;)
2. When I was attempting to learn how to take sweet pictures of my babies, she came to my home and taught me how. For that, I am eternally grateful. I will always reference you as my mentor, Elissa.
3. She became a little wifey on 9.29.12. 
4. Kevin is a doll and he likes to sing songs about everything. 
5. It's their First Christmas together. 
6. This was a beautiful night to document it. 
7. Check out her adorable "mrs." necklace in frame #13. So cute.

Your story is so beautiful, Elisabeth + Kevin
Much love, Tori

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Grand Prairie Photographer | {Brough family} together

I sat in the back of the teen room on a Wednesday night. Game time was over, the kids slowly filtering in, I watched as they took their seats.

There was one girl in particular, that caught my eye. I had known her for a long time...since before she had moved up to the teen class. Her thick, auburn hair was twisted down the side and bobby pinned up. She laughed and joked with her friends. And I thought of the time I took her pictures for her {thirteenth birthday} and then wondered if her and her mom ever had any pictures together. And then I wondered if her mom had ANY pictures with Lexi's sisters (there's three of them) or maybe her brothers (there's two of them). And then I wondered when the last time was that the Brough Family had any pictures...

Church was over and as I walked down the hall to pick up my children from the nursery, who should walk up and ask me if there was any time in 2012 for me to take their family pictures but Mrs. Brough. Sign? yes.
I ecstatically answered that I would MAKE time.

And we did.

The Tuesday after Thanksgiving, we met and magical things happened. Here's hoping that this massive blog post will inspire you and not tire you, for there are so many images that I simply cannot leave out.

We played and laughed until the Moon came out and told us to go home...
So happy for a time spent with friends.
Thanks for the memories, Brough family.