Thursday, June 30, 2011

Burleson Child Photographer | {Hannah Grace} (part 2)

This sweet girl is all giggles, sweet buttercream icing and love bubbles.

I cannot get over how much sweetness her little cheeks can hold. We loved our short and sweet time together the other day (part I) but we knew she could give us a little more…So, Rachel and I got together again at her place and finished up her six month session. Naked :)

When I arrived at Hannah's place, she was still sleeping. So I took that opportunity to get a few of her in dreamy land. After she awoke we moved into the living room for a fun time. I love this girl :)

I will now let you feast your eyes upon this most adorable honey bunches.

She honestly woke up just. like. this.
Oh Shmoopsie-poo!!!
all time fave, MUST be blown up and hung as a canvas.
Thanks for the memories, Hannah, my sweet little princess friend.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Trophy Club Family Photographer | {Young family} Together

I love a close-knit, have a good laugh until you fall over, tickles and giggles, kind of a family. And that's exactly what the Young family's got goin' on!

When I first heard from Emily (mom) it was during the Fall. They had a serious need for some family photos and I was ready to oblige. Except they also had a ton of stuff to keep them busy. Like moving into a beautiful, brand new home and well, just life. Emily finally wrote back when things calmed down and we set a date. A photojournalism kind of date.

She told me (in the most endearing terms) about her two little munchkins and from her description, I immediately fell in love. I couldn't wait to meet this sweet family and spend some time documenting their absolutely adorable personalities :)

I got to the door and was greeted with a big hug (Who doesn't love that!?). As soon as I stepped inside I was whisked away upstairs to see the boys pride collection of books.

We read and snapped and read and snapped and climbed up on the bed and read some more and snapped away. Later we took our session outside by the pool.

I had such a wonderful time with you all, Youngs!!! Thanks for being so real and because of that, being such a beautiful family to work with. Now, for some images that will make you laugh and break your heart with joy all at the same time. They did mine.

 This last one cracks me up. It'd make a good business card, I think ;)
Thanks for the memories, Young Family!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Burleson Child Photographer | {Hannah Grace}6 months

She's as sweet as pie, cherry pie...No, peach cobbler, no wait, is there such a thing as sugar pie? Ok, ok, f'reals. She really is a honey. But not as sticky.

Hannah was born on a beautiful Wednesday night or maybe it was a Thursday morning...either way, I was there. She came out ready for the whatever was to come her way as long as Mommy was close by. As she snuggled in close to her momma and nursed for the first time, I could tell she was going to be a real sweetheart. I couldn't wait to see her grow and change. To flourish. To become Hannah Grace.

Six months have passed and she still loves to snuggle with her mommy. She smiles 110% of the time and is so sweet and quiet that you'd never know she was there if you didn't know to look for her. Hannah is a shining light to all around her and my son, in particular, is completely smitten with his "Ha-Hah" (he tries, really he does).

Well I've gone on long enough about Hannah and pie and just need to let you savor the sweetness herself...
If you don't find yourself craving some sugary goodness, I'll be completely shocked. Really.

Thanks for the memories, Hannah.