Thursday, November 21, 2013

vibrant colors, muggy air, warm laughter and smiles of joy...Jones | family session

The Jones family was entertaining to say the least. So glad I was able to spend time once again with the little Campbell girls and this time some quality time with their Cici and Pop (the grands) and their Aunt and Uncle as well. We traipsed through brush and braved the chilly wind. We witnessed a beautiful change in North Texas, the colors were vibrant, the air was muggy, but the laughter and joy this family shared warmed my heart and made me smile.

Your silly story keeps on growing, Jones family!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

the sparkling autumn Sun and one snuggly, silly four year old...Wes | family session

Family sessions are always fun, always full of excitement, twists and turns and laughing and joking, a little scrubbing of the face with mom's thumb, a few whispers in the ear for cooperation, tickles and giggles and grins. But when a family specifically asks if they can do the session in their home, where they are comfortable and happy and free to be themselves? Those sessions are always a highlight in my book :)

And that's just what Wesliegh's mama, Avery, wanted. And I gladly obliged. 

We flapped our arms and flew, chased the sparkling autumn Sun around the backyard, played "doctor", took care of babies and fat kitties, drank tea, and went for a walk. I watched her mom and dad snuggle their sweet four year old angel and read her stories about love, and imagination and dreams come true. 

I couldn't help but smile all evening. What this family had was truly magical, wonderful and all things lovely. So happy to have been asked to share in that beauty.

Your story is so happy, Hoenig fam. So glad to have captured a bit of it.
:) Tori