Sunday, May 26, 2013

cool water trickles, some slippery rocks, and one sweet round belly...Reasoner family [maternity session]

She's a friend. A comfort. A help to those in need. A sweet spirit. A good momma. A loving wife. A birth advocate. A leader. A gift. A soon to be mom to two.

If you know Hannah, you know she has a heart of gold, and a hand to help. She is due any day now with her second little boy and I will be there alongside to capture the story. I only hope that I can be a hint of the blessing she has been to me in just knowing her. 

This little family knew of the cutest little park, complete with an extension bridge, a cool stream, and beautiful tall, green trees, where they could run and splash and play. And since that's what they love, I loved it too!

Ever grateful for families who adventure together and then take me along to capture it.

The sun rays streamed through the trees and the cool water trickled over our feet. The slippery rocks wobbled underneath our feet and ants crawled in our shoes left to sit on the dry land to wait for us. We giggled and played and I watched this momma have her last few adventures with her boy before she has a new sidekick join the fun. Little men, you are blessed.

Your family's story is growing more beautiful all the time, Hannah.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

and there was dreaming, kite strings, and lemonade...Hoffman [family session]

Oh my goodness, there was so much love in this shoot. There was love in the planning. And there was dreaming. And what resulted was giggles and laughs, silliness and fun, running through wildflowers and pulling on kites strings to help them soar, drinking cool lemonade out of glass mason jars, and feeding each other fudgies---SO Sorry, No-bakes.

Erin is a momma who delights in her girls. You see the joy on her face when her children are happy. Her warm laughter and sweet personality is a comfort to be with and an encouragement to those close to her.

When she first talked to me about having a family session, I was way excited. A down-to-earth, genuine family, who loves to laugh and just be with each other will always win in my book. We talked about wildflowers and ballerina costumes, and then she asked about kites and my heart kinda fluttered a little bit and my dreamer's imagination woke up and shouted, "Yes!! PLEASE!"

It couldn't have been a more beautiful afternoon to celebrate the Hoffman's gift of love for each other...
Your story is adventurous and lovely, Hoffman family.
:) Tori