Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ft. Worth Wedding Photographer| {Brittany & Jacob} Wedding

They met 3 years ago and became friends.

He left to join the military and she wrote to him while he was away. She wrote him encouraging letters that had Bible quotes and helpful scriptures.

Over the next few years their friendship turned to love.

He returned, proposed, and the rest is history.

As I walked onto the Pleasantview Baptist Church grounds in Arlington, Texas, I will not soon forget the joy and love and happiness that greeted me at the door. Mom was busy getting sandwiches ready and reminding the girls of last minutes things. Brittany was playing on her phone while waiting for lunch and her bridesmaids sat around and enjoyed each other's company.

Brittany was a picture of perfect calmness and wedding joy. A few tears here and there after a talk with big brother, but that's to be expected. She fixed up her makeup and got ready to see her prince for their "First Look".

She walks onto the bridge.
I tell him that he can turn around.
He turns, his mouth drops open,
"Ohhhh my goooooshhh" is the only thing he can think to say.

She's beautiful.
She's his!

After the first look we went back inside and they read letters that they had written to one another. After they both read their letters Brittany and Jacob said goodbye once more and they headed back to their rooms to wait. Right before the ceremony began, a close friend came in to pray with the girls. The prayer ended and were now ready for the big moment.

There was so much sweetness and the Lord was so evident in every detail. It truly was one of the most endearing weddings I've ever been able to attend. There were moments when I had to remind myself that I wasn't a guest but the photographer. It was just that captivating. Between Brittany's sweet brothers crying and the prayer the bride and groom shared at the altar, there wasn't much chance that you'd be leaving without having shed a tear or two.

Brittany and Jacob! I'm so incredibly happy for you both! May God continue to use your lives to honor and glorify Himself. And may you be able to lead many others to His saving grace through your testimony of love for each other and faithfulness to Him.

Thanks for the memories, Brittany & Jacob.
:) Tori

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Burleson Portrait Photographer| {Ebony} Anytime

She tells me she's not photogenic. She told me that last year too. Somehow I'm just not buying it.

This is Ebony. She works as a cook and bus driver at a local daycare during the mornings, goes to her second job working as an assistant to those struggling with Autism during the afternoon, and then rounds out her day with night classes at college.

She decided she deserved a little birthday gift for herself and scheduled her shoot with me. We started out with an overcast sky and finished off with a gorgeous golden sunset complete with a stunning rainbow...

I don't know of many with a bigger heart or brighter smile, a warmer spirit or quicker laugh. Here's Ebony.

Thanks for the memories, Ebony