Thursday, June 27, 2013

On encouraging truths, having no control, and learning to lean...[Isaac] Natural Birth

On the most beautiful Tuesday morning in June, I got a text from my mama friend in labor.
"I don't want to jinx it, so I am not saying the words. Just be on the alert today ;)" and then 28 minutes later "We are headed to the hospital. Things got going fast."

This sweet girl had been having podromal labor for about 2 and a half weeks and wasn't sure if this was really it.

But it was.

Hannah had a homebirth with her first baby boy and early on in pregnancy with her second, had the same thing planned for this one. A few months down the road, diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes, Hannah felt led by the Lord down a different path and planned for a birth center birth close to a local hospital. Another month passed and they knew they needed a hospital birth and planned accordingly. They chose a team that they felt could service their needs and still give them the most wonderful experience possible. Hannah was able to still work one on one while in the hospital with her sweet team of Midwives, Melody and Joni, while being overseen by an amazing midwives on hospital staff at Texas Health Harris Methodist in Cleburne. What a God we serve to give us these most precious gifts and answered prayers.

I arrived to see Hannah sitting on her birth ball and her husband at her side talking to her gently. I stood back and just watched as they clung to each other. The midwife rubbing down her back and suggesting things to bring it on stronger. The nurses respectfully gathering information and taking vitals.

She was in and out of the tub and bathroom before taking the standing position to help bring baby down. Her doula, Daniela, came along side and pushed on her knees to alleviate pain and open her pelvis. They poured water over her aching belly and spoke helpful and encouraging truths to her. Her husband stayed by her side and gave her comfort and breathed courage into her mind.

It was truly a magnificent and beautiful sight to behold. It always is. Birth. Women at their most vulnerable state. Waiting on something they do not control. Relaxing through such intense feeling. Living on the inside of their mind while having to think outside of their body. Leaning heavily on those around them. Needing so much of so many but knowing it's something only them and their Father can do.

It's incredible.

To the top of the mountain she came. She groaned and moaned with intensity. Feeling each and every movement inside her, she pleaded for strength.

And it came.

She decided to sit on the stool beneath her and lean into her husband. With a chorus of friends telling her she could. And the Lord giving her the ability to do so. She did.

Baby came. And he was the most beautiful 9lbs she ever held.

You're story is remarkable, little man. And it's just beginning.