Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Second shooting for a friend| {Bradly&Sam} married

She's sweet and funny, encouraging and supportive. I'm so glad we met 4 years ago and am even more glad that we became friends about a year ago. Elisa discovered her crazy talent while still in high school. She quickly refined her skills and after almost 2 years of assisting other photographers on the bride's big day, is now booking her own weddings and becoming a treasured jewel in the hearts of in-love girls all over the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

This jewel of a friend inspired me to capture my children to the best of my ability and because of that, I've been able to do so and help a few others do the same! Although children/babies/families are my absolute fave to photograph, I jumped on the opportunity to assist the sweet girl who had been such a help to me.

{Bradly and Samantha}: read their story here on Elisa's blog :)

Thanks for including me in capturing these precious memories, Elisa!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Burleson Child Photographer | {Mia} Turning One

Ok, I'm not gonna lie...I may or may not have a serious obsession with hair color of the red variety. I may or may not have stalked my then soon to be boyfriend (now husband) for a good 2 weeks because of his red hair and even asked an old high school boyfriend if he had any red-heads in his family. I also may or may not have colored a picture of "my future family" (complete with ginger's for kids) while in Kindergarten. So when Tahsha ({Mia's} mom) approached me about One Year portraits, I may or may not have been resisting the urge to scream, "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!" and give her a big fat bear hug to the point of her turning blue and perhaps even passing out.

Well, the weekend of mirth finally arrived. And despite the weather trying to trip us up, our afternoon was golden sun-drop-filled. I had found this wildflower filled area a few weeks before and had hoped to use it in the future. I had no idea that mom would STUN me with an outfit that matched our wildflowers superbly!!! I have to say that even though it's hard to choose, they wound up being my favorites :)

Sweet {Mia} went through seven, SEVEN wardrobe changes and kept a smile on the whole (well, almost the whole) time :) It was worth it.

At the end of our little shoot, we headed to her Grammy's house and had some pool time...Her little brother showed up to help her giggle and laugh. Thanks for your help, Ian. All in all, it was a lovely afternoon.

Thanks for the sweet memories, Mia!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dallas Child Photographer | {Emma} Life's A Party

I arrived on the party scene at about 10:30, ready to shoot some portraits of my dear friend, Emma :) I walked in the Kepple household and was greeted with smiles and excitement. I then ventured into the living room where I found the little missy sitting on her tuffet watching the tube. She turned to me and smiled, "Happy Birthday, Emma!" I cheered. Another smile.

The day proved to be a terrific adventure. The jump house was all pumped up, ready to go and so was Emma. She was ready to get in that thang! But there was so much more! An inflated hot pink kiddie pool filled with clear plastic blown-up balls (that resembled bubbles) was right around the corner if you got tired of jumping. Emma's mom & Grammy had also gotten lunch ready and it was absolutely adorable. Ok, here ya go, grilled cheese sandwiches cut in heart shapes, chocolate covered pink marshmallows with sprinkles on the top, yummy Mediterranean pasta, handmade strawberry milkshake and the cutest little cupcakes you ever saw :) *swoon

The party began with a bubble machine continued with a piƱata and ended with pink & blue goody bags. Goody :) But because I could go on all day and "a picture is worth a thousand words"...blah blah blah. Here ya go!!

Thanks again for the memories, {Emma}! You and your family were such a joy to be around.